The idea for Jhonnydeep.live  was born within the early a part of 2020 after a google look for “Larry David net worth” returned no useful web results. After performing a dozen similar searches, we still couldn’t find a top quality website covering the day-to-day wealth and finances of hollywood celebrities.

A small team of curious individuals came together to launch CNW in October 2008. We actually launched using our original name “jhonnydeep.live”. The full domain “jhonnydeep.live” was acquired a year later at auction for $1000. By 2011 the business was generating enough revenue to support a full-time dedicated research team, a designer, and multiple web developers.

Our data is rooted in financial analysis, market research, and inside sources that we have meticulously developed over the last decade to maintain accuracy and breadth of knowledge. At a minimum, each net worth estimate on takes under consideration known salaries, land holdings, divorce records, royalties, lawsuits, and endorsements. Our estimates incorporate a proprietary formula that removes estimated taxes, manager’s fees, agent fees, and lifestyle expenses.

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Majid Mughal


Majid Mughal jhonnydeep.live in October 2020 after noticing a distinct lack of results for various celebrity finance web searches. He previously spent seven years as the Managing Editor of a large digital entertainment portal. Brian’s favourite rags to riches billionaire is Kirk Kerkorian.



Sophia. is a Los Angeles based writer covering business, technology, entertainment, philanthropy, and pop culture. She spent 8  1/2 years covering the entertainment industry for www.hsx.com. . Follow her on Facebook. Amy’s favorite self-made billionaire is Sara Blakely.